Chapter 2 Homework 1

Chapter 2 Homework 1 - x x Workers x x Rent Office x x...

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Chapter 2 Homework 1) 1. direct labor 2. selling 3. direct materials 4. administrative cost 5. overhead Name of the Cost Variabl e Cost Fixe d Cost Direct Material s Direc t Labo r Manufacturin g Overhead Period (Selling and Administrative) Opportunit y Cost Sun k Cost Quit Job x x Rent Building x x Rent Equip x x Material
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Unformatted text preview: x x Workers x x Rent Office x x Phone Recorder x x Lost Interest x x Advertising x x Commission x x Legal Fees x x 21) 1) 2) Frieda has already paid legal fees to incorporate her business. She cannot get these costs back even if she stays at her current job....
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