311 Assignment 2 - Homework 2 1 Expenditure Cycleincur...

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Homework 2 1. Expenditure Cycle—incur expenditures in exchange for resources, Conversion Cycle—provide value added through products/services, Revenue Cycle—receive revenue from outside sources 2. Purchases/Accounts Payable System, Cash Disbursements System, Payroll System 5. Sale Order Processing, Cash receipts 8. A general journal is used to record infrequent transactions such as closing entries and periodic depreciation. Journal vouchers are single source documents with one journal entry that records the affect on the general ledger accounts. 10. Provided by accounting records. Used to trace transactions from source documents to financial statements 12. Master file, transaction file, reference file, archive file 16. An ER diagram models the data used in or affected by the system while a DFD is a model of system processes. Document flowcharts depict manual aspects of a system and system flowcharts depict computer aspects of a system. 20. With batch processing, transactions are assembled into groups and then processed while real time
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311 Assignment 2 - Homework 2 1 Expenditure Cycleincur...

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