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for j = 1:6 k=ttl_min(j,phonerecord); plan1=k*.25; plan2=k*.15+60; %to calculate plan3, we need: ttl_hrs=k/60; else_hrs=ttl_hrs-3; else_min=else_hrs*60; f3_hrs=ttl_hrs-else_hrs; f3_min=f3_hrs*60; plan3=f3_min*.3+else_min*.22; newplan = 1;
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Unformatted text preview: cost = plan1; elseif plan2<plan1&plan3 && plan2<plan3&plan1 newplan = 2; cost = plan2; elseif plan3<plan1&plan2 && plan3<plan2&plan1 newplan = 3; cost= plan3; end fprintf('Name: %s Plan: %.0f Bill: $%0.2f\n', phonerecord(j).name, newplan, cost) end...
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