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311cFall09Homework1_key (1) - Intro Bio I (BIO 311C), Fall...

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Intro Bio I (BIO 311C), Fall 2009, Dr. Bushart Homework #1 key 1. In outbreaks of new bacterial diseases (or even new outbreaks of old diseases) it is possible to identify an index case or “patient zero,” meaning the suspected first infected individual. We often don’t know who this person is until after the fact, however (it can be hard to identify an epidemic until it is actually occurring!). How does the cell theory explain the ability to make this identification? The important part of the cell theory states basically that cells come from other cells. This is true for bacteria. An initial infection of one individual came from an initial pickup of the bacteria. Those bacteria came from another person, who had lots of bacteria. Those bacteria in turn came from an initial infection event in that individual. So we could look at the bigger picture that a new infection comes from a previous infection. We could use that to trace back the line of decent of each infection to the original (sort of anyway) source. 2.
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311cFall09Homework1_key (1) - Intro Bio I (BIO 311C), Fall...

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