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311cFall09Homework5 - Intro Bio I(BIO 311C Fall 2009 Dr...

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Intro Bio I (BIO 311C), Fall 2009, Dr. Bushart Homework #5 1. Plants and fungi have cell walls. Would a hypotonic environment that would kill your own cells kill plant or fungi cells? Explain. 2. The type and amount of organelles often corresponds to the function of a cell. Sperm cells are very simple and don’t have to live for very long; they basically only move and carry genetic information. They are also one of the exceptions to a cell having all of the organelles and structures common to eukaryotes. Besides the plasma membrane, what are the minimum organelles/systems necessary for a sperm cell to carry out its function (should be ~3)? 3. Imagine that scientists discovered a brand new human cell type. If it has a lot of mitochondria, ribosomes, rough ER, and Golgi, what might you conclude that the general job of this new cell type is? Explain your reasoning. 4. Researchers continue to investigate the impact of high fructose corn syrup on health since the effects are still not entirely clear. If the data end up supporting the
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