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Intro Bio I (BIO 311C), Fall 2009, Dr. Bushart Homework #5 1. Plants and fungi have cell walls. Would a hypotonic environment that would kill your own cells kill plant or fungi cells? Explain. Hypotonic solutions cause cells to swell and burst. However, cell walls resist the swelling pressures of water entering cells. This was talked about with bacteria but is applicable to plants’ and fungi’s cell walls as well. [Note that this pressure is actually very important for plants. Wilted plants have lost this pressure and so their cells are no longer stiff to hold up the leaves and stems. Also, cell walls don’t stop plant and fungi cells from shrinking in hypertonic solutions.] 2. The type and amount of organelles often corresponds to the function of a cell. Sperm cells are very simple and don’t have to live for very long; they basically only move and carry genetic information. They are also one of the exceptions to a cell having all of the organelles and structures common to eukaryotes. Besides the plasma membrane, what are the minimum organelles/systems necessary for a sperm cell to carry out its function (should be ~3)? To move, a sperm will need mitochondria for energy production, and a cytoskeleton for structure and movement. The genetic information will be held in a nucleus. Other than those 3 components, most of the other organelles are irrelevant to the functioning of a sperm cell. 3.
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311cFall09Homework5_key - Intro Bio I (BIO 311C), Fall...

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