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Intro Bio I (BIO 311C), Fall 2009, Dr. Bushart Homework #7 1. One carbon is removed from pyruvate during its processing into acetyl-CoA, why is this not detrimental to the amount of energy gained by the citric acid cycle? 2. What is the minimum number of “turns” of the Kreb’s cycle necessary to completely oxidize the carbons from one (1) molecule of glucose? Explain your reasoning. 3. During heavy exercise O 2 is depleted along with ATP. Besides the general idea of “backup” stopping the full processing of glucose, how does enzymatic regulation play a role in the switch from respiration to fermentation? 4. Unlike how it was depicted in the BioFlix movie shown in class, pyruvate transport into the matrix space of mitochondria requires a proton (H + ) gradient. a. Explain the energetics and mechanics of this process. b. What impact does this have on the amount of ATP produced through oxidative phosphorylation? 5.
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