Viewing Mb X-ray Data

Viewing Mb X-ray Data - your protein will appear on the...

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Dear Class: In class today, we looked at the 3D x-ray structure of myoglobin bound with carbon monoxide. For you to be able to do the same thing on your computer, you will need three things: 1) the file (in this case Mb + CO.PDB) 2) the viewing program Chime 3) Netscape. The file Mb + CO.PDB is listed separately under “Slides”. Chime and Netscape are free programs that you can download from the internet. You may also download Chime from our departmental server: Open the Mb + CO.PDB file by either dragging the icon onto the Netscape icon or opening the file in Netscape. Chime will automatically kick in. A wire-frame model of
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Unformatted text preview: your protein will appear on the screen. You can then change the appearance of the x-ray data by right-clicking the mouse and obtaining a menu of items to select and change. Once you have mastered Mb, you can go to the NIH site for proteins, "Molecules To Go", at ) and download and view any protein whose x-ray structure has been determined. One catch---there is an error in their program. The files will download as .pbd. You need to rightclick on the file name and change the suffix from "PBD" to "PDB". Then everything will work when you drag the file onto Netscape. K. Hilt...
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