Review, Compositional Subjects, Enfiguring Asian American Women

Insofar as kangs aim is to loosen the disciplinary

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Unformatted text preview: Women Outside as “opportunities for examining how ‘Asian women’ and ‘Asian American women’ might be positioned within and across American studies, Asian Studies, and Asian American studies”(270). Insofar as Kang’s aim is to loosen “the disciplinary regimes of codification and documentation” from the lives of Asian/American women, she has indeed contributed significantly to that process (19). But, a subsequent chapter that explores where Kang’s critique of identity and disciplinarity leaves those of us who remain concerned with creating liberatory scholarship and effecting social change, would have been a welcome addition to Compositional Subjects. In what it does accomplish, however, Kang’s monograph promises to invigorate debates about the functions and meanings of an academic structure built on politically implicated, implicitly racialized and gendered notions of academic specialization and departmentalism and the ideological underpinnings of identity as a theoretical tool. As part of a larger project, Compositional Subjects can be read in conversation with the scholarship of other critics who also advance the idea that identity moored to constructed notions of sameness constrains our understanding of agency and encompasses the potential for homogenizing the lived experiences of Asian Americans. Such work points us in the direction of (re)considering the conservative effects of identity and disciplinarity in our scholarship. Lisa Lowe’s Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Po...
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