Review, Compositional Subjects, Enfiguring Asian American Women

Jane dusselier and seung kyung kim university of

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Unformatted text preview: ts it (5). Accepting that oppressions based on racial and gender formations are real and foundational in American life, let us reconsider if our focus on discernable and embodied identities limits our understandings of agency and chances of effecting change. jane dusselier and seung-kyung kim UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK Asian American Politics: Law, Participation, and Policy. Edited by Don T. Nakanishi and James S. Lai. New York: Rowman & Littlefield. 2003. Since the 1960s, the Asian population in the United States has experienced unparalleled growth and diversity. Asian Americans have made significant inroads in the economy, but politically, they wield little influence and remain vulnerable. The recent hostility directed against John Huang and Wen Ho Lee testifies to the ongoing political weakness of Asian Americans. In addition, because of stereotypical perceptions of Asian American disinterest in politics in popular discourse, mainstream politicians have paid little attention to Asian Americans and their needs. Challenging these widely held notions of Asian American political apathy, in this timely volume, editors Don T. Nakanishi and James S. Lai have put together a broad range of documents and essays that address both the historical and contemporary political activities of Asian Americans. This volume highlights the role that Asian Americans have played and continue to play in American politics, and identifies the political obstacles and challenges they face in contemporary U.S. society. The chapters in Part I of this four-part book offer prominent Supreme Court rulings that record Asian American struggles for equal protection rights (Yick Wo v. Hopkins; Korematsu v. United States) and naturalization rights (Takao Ozawa v. United States; United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind). These major rulings...
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