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Feeling for “Comfort Women”: Performing Human Rights Discourse in Asian/America 1 Tzu-hui Celina Hung State University of New York, Stony Brook Abstract This essay complicates the process of “coming-to-voice” for and about “comfort women.” It critiques Asian/American involvements in the “comfort women” issue as part of the American bio-politics. The essay regards post-WWII Americanized representations of “comfort women” as a self-interested cultural translation of the racial and gendered other with epistemological problems. While the international “coming-to-voice” for “comfort women” establishes America as the guardian for humanity, its ethnographic exploitation reproduces such cultural binaries as West and East, America and Asia, self and other, freedom and torture, at the same time generating spectacles of trauma. This essay examines the epistemological and emotional investment in various Asian/American public discourses by asking how talking about and for
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