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Matt Browning COMS 101 Section 31 Surfing > Snowboarding Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that surfing is better than snowboarding on several levels and to motivate them to try surfing. Central Idea: Surfing is more cost effective, more convenient, more in touch with nature, and more fun than snowboarding. Intro 1. How many of you snowboard? Or at least have several friends that snowboard regularly during winter? 2. I meet too many people that are in love with the sport of snowboarding, here in California I don’t understand this obsession. For most of us it takes at least 4 to 5 hours just to get to the resorts. Lift tickets from resorts like Heavenly and bear valley/snow summit can cost up to 70 dollars just for one day and above 500 dollars for the season as advertised on their websites. And we can only do it during the winter! What is with this sport? 3. That’s why I want to tell all of you to go out and try surfing, You can do it during anytime of the year, it costs a lot less, you are surrounded by real nature, not the manicured well groomed mountains of these ski resorts, and it’s a lot more fun too. Body I. 1. Surfing needs to be recognized as the premier board sport. Its culture has had more impact on our society here in California than any other sport. The surf clothing market is estimated by Reasearchandmarkets.com to be 13 billion dollars a year. Look around the room, how many of our peers wear some type of clothing that is inspired by surfing, quite a bit wouldn’t you say? 2. The snow resorts and even the gas companies are getting way too much money from this sport. Driving all those miles takes up so much gas in the trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. There only vehicles that are capable to handle the snow, that’s just unlucky. The resorts should absolutely not be receiving 70 bucks a head each day, and including the costs of the rentals and the outrageous food and drink prices, someone’s becoming a millionaire pretty quickly I would have to think. Transition
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course COMS 101 taught by Professor Twisselman during the Spring '08 term at Cal Poly.

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Pursuasive - Matt Browning COMS 101 Section 31 Surfing >...

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