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ME 212 HW 4 1) An insulated 100 liter tank contains nitrogen gas at 200 kPa, 25°C. Carbon dioxide at 600 kPa, 90°C flows from a pipe into the tank until the pressure inside reaches 400 kPa, at which time the valve is closed. Calculate the final temperature inside the tank and the change in entropy for the process. 2) A problem of current interest is that of thermal pollution of river water by using the water for power plant condenser cooling water and then returning it to the river at a high temperature. The use of a cooling tower presents a solution to this particular problem. Consider the case shown in figure, in which 2.5 kg/s of water at 35°C (from the
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Unformatted text preview: condenser) enters the top of the cooling tower, and the cool water leaves the bottom at 15°C. The air-water vapor mixture enters the bottom of the cooling tower at 100 kPa, and has a dry-bulb temperature of 22°C and a wet-bulb temperature of 15°C. The air water vapor mixture leaving the tower has a pressure of 95 kPa, a temperature of 30°C, and a relative humidity of 80%. Determine the kg of dry air per second that must be used and the fraction of incoming water that evaporates. Assume the process to be adiabatic....
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