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ME 212 Midterm 2 Closed Book Exam Duration: 120 minutes 1) a. What are the air-standard assumptions? b. Why is the carnot cycle not a realistic model for steam power plants? c. Can a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle with a single compressor handle several evaporators operating at different pressures? Explain it briefly. d. It is common experience that two gases brought into contact mix by themselves. In the future, could it be possible to invent a process that will enable a mixture to separate into its components by itself without any work input? e. A fuel is completely burned first with the stoichiometric amount of air and then with the stoichiometric amount of pure oxygen. For which case will the adiabatic flame temperature be higher 2) In an Otto air-standard cycle, both heat transfer processes (q H and q L ) occur at constant volume. It would be more realistic to assume that part of the heat addition (q H ) occurs after the piston has started to move down in the expansion stroke. Therefore, consider a
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