The Legacy of Sun Records questions

The Legacy of Sun Records questions - out of financial...

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The Legacy of Sun Records In-class writing/Questionnaire Who is the founder of Sun Records and where is its location? Sam Phillips, Memphis What music producer began a tribute album celebrating he music of Sun Records, And what record company is he the founder of? Between 1950 and 1954, what genre of music did Sam Philips record almost exclusively at Sun? Black rhythm and blues musician What was the first song Elvis Presley recorded for Sun Records? That’s alright mama According to Sam Philips, who could have been one of the biggest country artists ever? According to the group of Sun producers, engineers, and musicians, what parameters contributed to the “Sun Sound”? Very little separation in room- solid present kid of sound Vocalist used voice like instrument No time constraints Is Sam Philips considered the innovator of Rock and Roll? No, he just had money when the musicians didn’t Not rock and roll that made Memphis, it was the blues In 1955, what difficult decision and subsequent event helped bail Sun Records
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Unformatted text preview: out of financial difficulty? According to Sam Philips, Elvis would have quit singing if he could play what instrument like what musician? The piano like jerry lee lewis Who was the last notable artist to record at Sun? How long was Sun Records a prevalent force in the music industry, and in what year did Sam Philips retire from the business? A decade, late 50s music changed Sun records founded by and owned by SAM PHILLIPS Was the birthplace of rockability sound Elvis was the first big star Jerry Lee Lewis Johnny Cash Carl Phillips Roy Onbison (to name a few) Many early African Americans, blues musicians and R&B got the opportunity to record at Sun record via Sam Phillips Howlin Wolf Muddy Waters Mississippi Delta blues musicians Jackie brenston and his delta cats Rocket 88 (1951) Perhaps the first true rock and roll R&B piece ever Written by Ike (im gonna bitch slap my wife) Turner Study guide questions available under course documents on blackboard...
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The Legacy of Sun Records questions - out of financial...

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