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Chromosomes / Maternal / Paternal X Composed of DNA and Protein. X Located Inside the Nucleus and Contain the Genetic Material ( Your Genes !! ) . X Maternal Chromosome : Any Chromosome in an Offspring That Was Contributed by the Female ( ) Parent. X Paternal Chromosomes : Any Chromosome in an Offspring That Was Contributed by the Male ( % ) Parent. Diploid X Diploid : Having Two Sets of Chromosomes. } One Maternal & One Paternal Set ! } Diploid Condition Occurs in All Cells Except The Gametes. } Human Diploid Number is ____________ ! Haploid X Haploid : Having Only a Single Set of Chromosomes. } Haploid Condition Occurs Only in The Gametes. } Human Haploid Number is ___________ ! Homologous Chromosomes X Homologous Chromosome : Chromosomes
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Unformatted text preview: That Carry The Same Genes And Are A Matched Pair. } One Maternal & One Paternal ! } They Are Always The Same Size And Same Shape ! ( Except One Pair In Males ! ) Genes X Gene : A Stretch of DNA That Encodes For a Specific Trait. } Generally : One Gene = One Protein ! X Gene Locus : The Physical Location of A Gene on A Chromosome. Dominant / Recessive / Alleles X Dominant Gene : A Gene That When Present Will be Expressed In The Individual. X Recessive Gene : A Gene That Will Only Be Expressed if it Occurs On BOTH The maternal + paternal Chromosomes !! X Alleles : The DNA Code, Which May Be Different, For The Same Gene....
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