Inheritance%20post%20Winter%202009 - Occurs When...

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Chromosomes X 2 Basic Categories : 1. 2. Autosomal Chromosomes Sex Chromosomes Autosomal Chromosomes X All Chromosomes Except For The Sex Chromosomes. X In Humans = 22 Pair . Homozygous X Homozygous : When Two Alleles on Homologous Chromosomes Are The Same. } Homo = Same } Zygous = Pair Same Alleles X Homozygous : R R - Dominant r r - Recessive Heterozygous X Heterozygous : When Two Alleles on Homologous Chromosomes Are Different. } Hetero = Other } Zygous = Pair Different Alleles X Heterozygous : Rr Punnett Square X A Simple Grid Used to Record Possible genetic makeup. % R R R r Punnett Square X Cross two heterozygous parents. % Notes :
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Genotype / Phenotype X Genotype : B B - Homozygous Dominant b b - Homozygous Recessive Genotype B b - Heterozygous B = Brown hair b = Blond hair Phenotype X Phenotype : Actual Alleles an individual carries. Expression of the Alleles an individual carries; the traits the individual has. Incomplete Dominance X Incomplete Dominance :
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Unformatted text preview: Occurs When Heterozygous Alleles Are Both Expressed. } Result is A Blending : } Example = Flowers : Co - Dominant X Co-Dominance : A Pair of Different Alleles Are Both Expressed. } NO Blending : BOTH Traits Show Up ! Example : Blood Types ! A = B = AB = O = Sex Chromosomes X Chromosomes That Determine an Individuals Sex. (Either % or & .) X In Humans = 23rd Pair only. X Two Chromosomes : Either X or y . X XX = _______. X Xy =________. X X & y are Different in Size & Shape. X X is a Large Chromosome; Lots of info. X y is a Small, Short, Stub of a Chromosome. X - Chromosome X All Individuals MUST carry an X Chromosome : d The Condition Oy Is Fatal !! d A Vital Component of Human Life is ( at least in part ) on the X Chromosome !! Notes :...
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Inheritance%20post%20Winter%202009 - Occurs When...

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