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Metric System X Most Common Measurement System in the World ! X NOT used by the General Public in the United States ! X IS the Standard Measurement System Used by Scientists in the U.S. ! X Measurements Based on Powers of “10” ! X NO FRACTIONS for partial measurements : Only Decimals Used ! Prefix X Prefix used to indicate factors of 10 ! X Prefix for Smaller factors of the base unit ! X Centi = 100 ! Such as Century X Milli = 1,000 ! Such as Millennium X Micro = 1,000,000 ! X Prefix for Larger factors of the base unit ! X Kilo = 1,000 ! Number Prefixes X Prefixes used in Biology ! X Prefix from the Latin ! X Mono = One ! Such as Mononucleosis X Di (Bi) = Two ! Such as Bisexual X Tri = Three ! Such as Triangle X Quadra = Four ! Such as Quadriceps X Penta = Five ! X Hexa = Six ! X Septo = Seven ! X Octa = Eight ! X Novem = Nine ! X Deca = Ten ! Linear Measure X Standard Unit for Linear Measurement is the Meter ! X
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