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Oil%20Post%20Winter%202009 - “Fractions” Each...

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Where Oil Comes From x Decay of Organic Substances ( Mostly Plants ) ! x Oil Reserves are Estimated to be ____________________________________ Years Old ( Many are Older ) ! Some History x First U.S. Oil Strike by Drilling was made in 1859 in ________________________________ ! x Appropriately : it Was Made Near a Creek Called _____________________________ ! x The Largest U.S. Reserves Are Now Believed ____________________________________ ! Trivia Barrels of Oil x YES !!!! Oil is Sold By the Barrel ! x Volume of One Barrel = x From One Barrel, On Average, About _________________ Gallons of Gas is Produced ! x Price Today of One Barrel = Crude Oil Crude Oil Has Specific
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Unformatted text preview: “Fractions” Each “Fraction” Can Be Separated. Distillation x Crude Oil is Fractionated by Distillation First ! YES ... Like _____________ ! Distillation Definition x Distillation : Products from Crude Oil-- Gasoline-- Light Fuels-- Heating Oil-- Jet Fuel-- Diesel Fuel Gasoline x Average Gasoline “ Tax ” = __________________ x The Average Motorist Pays __________________ Car Pollution ? x Average Vehicle = x Product Average Person is Interested in. Recycle “ USED ” Oil !! ?? How Long Will Oil Last ? x Estimated World Reserve (unrecovered, etc) = This is About ?...
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Oil%20Post%20Winter%202009 - “Fractions” Each...

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