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soc.101 paper1 - Andy Border January31 2008 Sociology 101...

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Andy Border January31, 2008 Sociology 101 Observation of Micro Center On January 25 th , 2008, there were few places as busy as Micro Center was throughout the day. Micro Center is known to be one of the most knowledgeable computer and electronic stores in the country, however not many people know of it. This is probably due to the fact that the only advertisements they use are through customer email, mail flyers and occasionally on the internet. There are 20 Micro Centers in the country and I had the privilege to work at this one nearly 5 months ago. Few people realize just how much truly goes on in a computer store on a typical week day, but that is exactly what I was there for on January 25 th , 2008. This was an average cold but sunny winter day in Columbus, Ohio. Whether it was the amount of sun that was out or the fact that it was a Friday, Micro Center was a busy place on this day. I sat and observed customers and employees early in the morning for my first observation, then went back to observe lunch hour, then closing time, since I used to work in the store, I was granted special privileges of observing the store through one sided glass in the managers offices. (Layout of the front of the store has been provided to assist in understanding locations) Early in the morning, customers were in a big hurry as they were rushing around trying to get their shopping chores done before the day really kicked off. I stayed from about 10am to 11am for my first observation. I began my day observing the front door from a small office behind merchandise pick-up, which is where most of the stores larger purchases are made, as well as the web orders and credit card signups are done. I witnessed about twenty people waiting outside before the store opened doors at eleven. Most customers chose to stay and wait in their
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cars. The few customers that waited at the front door would watch the store employees as they had their daily meeting in the front of the store before opening, hoping to get off to a good start.
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