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HIST 285 (12229) - Technology in Historical Perspective Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 8:00-8:50 - Curtis Hall 250A Professor Lloyd Ackert History and Politics Department, Drexel University Office: MacAlister Hall 5024; [email protected] Office Phone: 215-895-0993, Cell: 518-965-3562 Office Hours: by appointment. In this course we will survey the history of technological developments from the Renaissance to the current day. We will focus on a series of technological objects —machines, tools, and systems—considering them in their broader historical (social, cultural, and political) contexts. Organized chronologically we will trace this history beginning with Leonardo Da Vinci and ending with the International Space Station. This is not, however, a teleological assessment which assumes a progressive improvement of technology—each age has merits in its own rights. The goal of the course, in fact, is to debate this central issue. Through technological objects we can examine the role of technology in society—both in the distant past, and occasionally as it relates to your own contemporary interests. Required Book : Thomas J. Misa, Leonardo to the Internet: Technology and Culture from the Renaissance to the Present (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004) [ISBN 9780801878091] Grades: The final course grade will be assessed by: Midterm exam – 40% Final exam -- 40% Research essay -- 20% Essay Project: This quarter, we will continue a project I initiated this Summer Quarter. We will work together to produce a database for HIST 285 students. You will research and write an essay of 1500 words on a topic in the history of technology according to a book outline, which I will distribute in the first week of classes. You can opt to revise and expand one of the essays already in the database, or write a new one. You will complete this project in stages: proposal, outline, preliminary draft, final draft, and in-class presentation. The essay is due during the ninth week.
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Research Essay Style Guide: Format: Use the following format for your essay: Margins: 1” Font: Times New Roman, size 12 pt. Line spacing:
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Hist285_Fall09_Syllabus - H IST 285(12229 Technology in H...

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