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Hist 285 - Technology in Historical Perspective Department of History and Politics, Drexel University Prof. Lloyd Ackert (lta24@drexel.edu) Lecture 4: “Instruments of Empire” I. Introduction 1. Technology and Imperialism -need technology to control new land. Integral relationship 2. Steamships, telegraphs, railroads -penetration phase (medicine-quinine), consolidate power(building canals, communication, forts) 3. “Free trade” East India trade becoming too monopolistic. Gets split up 4. History of medicine -quinine-chihcherna tree II. Steamships and trade 1. Introduction of steam power. -removed manual power/ was clean power 2. Anglo-Burmese war (1824-1826) A. Irrawaddy river -Diana “fire devil”
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Unformatted text preview: B. mapping as a technology of imperialism-James Rennells Map of Hindoostan (1782) and Bengal Atlas (1779) C. The Ganges river between Calcutta and Allahabad (1834- )-Hugh Lindsay (2 80 hp engines, Suez Canal (1869), Mediterranean, Bombay)- Opium III. Telegraphs 1. Different contexts: A. Western Europe and North America B. India 2 Marquis of Dalhousie A. cotton in Nagpur for example B. Network C. Indian Mutiny (1857) 3. Public Works Department A. Dahrwar cotton 2 B. Royal Indian Engineering School at Coopers Hill IV. Railroads 1. Powerful influence on commerce, politics and society 2. Large banking investments A. India B. South Africa V. Conclusions 3...
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HIST285_WK4_Outline - B. mapping as a technology of...

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