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HIST285_WK10_Outline - 1 Wooden shipbuilding gunpowder 2...

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Hist 285 - Technology in Historical Perspective Department of History and Politics, Drexel University Prof. Lloyd Ackert ([email protected]) Lecture 10: “The Question of Technology” I. Introduction A. How to approach the history of technology? B. Pessimism vs. Optimism C. The Balanced Approach II. Science and Economics A. Science is at times central to technology. 1. Edison’s light bulb and DC, and electricity research 2. Kekule’s structural chemistry and synthetic dyes B. At times it is not.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Wooden shipbuilding, gunpowder. 2. How about with steam engines? C. Technology drives science D. An Economic view 1. Technology generates wealth. A. Examples? 2. What about the costs of technology? III. Variety and Culture A. The great variety of technology B. A masked history – “The victors write the history.” 1. The paths not taken. C. Social, Political, and Cultural Aspects D. A Dynamic Process E. Technology Transfer IV. Conclusions 2...
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