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MEM 355, Fall 2009 Professor Kwatny Take Home Exam Due: Thursday, December 3, 2009 INSTRUCTIONS: You may collaborate with up to 2 other students and hand in a single project report. Explain and discuss your results – think in terms of a brief technical report. A hard copy must be turned in. Electronic versions are acceptable only in special circumstances with prior permission. All computations are to be done using MATLAB. Consider the BWR water level controller shown below 1 . The system consists of a water level feedback regulator and disturbance (steam flow) feedforward. ff k 0.06 s ( ) () ( ) 22 1.58 0.142 1.677 0.725 0.669 0.236 s ss + ++ + + ( ) c G s 4 4 s + 1.43 0.1 0.143 s s + + 4 4 s + 1.43 0.1 0.143 s s + + 1. Evaluate the feedback loop only (ignore the steam flow disturbance feedforward). Use root locus analysis and step responses to investigate the dynamics of the feedback loop. Compare a. Uncompensated system, c G s K = , and b. A PI compensator: 0.017 c s Gs K s + = In each case, choose a value of the gain K that gives good speed of response and good ultimate
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