MEM355Syl_F09 - Week 2 Homework 2(Due Tues Oct 12 Steady-State Errors(N-7.1-7.2 Digital Implementation of Controllers(N-13.1-13.2 Week 3 Homework

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MEM 355 Performance Enhancement of Dynamic Systems MEM Department, Drexel University, Fall 2009 Instructor: Professor H. G. Kwatny Office: 151-A Tel: 215-895-2356 e-mail: [email protected] URL: TA: Jean-Ettiene Dongmo, Rm: 3-174a, e-mail: [email protected] Textbook & Software: Nise, Control Systems Engineering, 5 th ed., J. Wiley & Sons, 2008. The MathWorks, Inc. The Student Edition of MATLAB, with Control Toolbox. MATLAB Tutorial: Week 1 Introduction & Review Homework 1 (Due-Thurs, Oct 1) Laplace Transforms & Transfer Functions (N-2.2), Block Diagrams (N-5.2) Time Domain Analysis: poles & zeros (N-4.2-4.8), stability (N-6.1-6.2)
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Unformatted text preview: Week 2 Homework 2 (Due- Tues, Oct 12) Steady-State Errors (N-7.1-7.2) Digital Implementation of Controllers (N-13.1-13.2) . Week 3 Homework 3 (Due- Tues, Oct 19) Design via Root Locus (N-9.1-9.5) Week 4 Homework 4, (Due – Thurs, Oct 22) Root Locus Cont’d Frequency response & Bode Plots (N-10.1-10.2) Week 5 Review, Exam Week 6 Nyquist Theorem (N-10.3-10.5) Week 7 Gain & Phase Margin (N-10.6-10.7,F-6.4), Compensation (N-11.1-11.5), Sensitivity Function (6.9) Week 8 Analysis of State Equations (7.1,7.2) Week 9 State Space Design: Controllability & Pole Placement (N-12.1-12.4) Take home project (Due Thurs, Dec 3) Week 10 State Space Design: Observability & Observers (N-12.5-12.7),...
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