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English Final Paper - Sonik 1 Upasana Sonik English 122SA...

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Unformatted text preview: Sonik 1 Upasana Sonik English 122SA Professor Ghosh March 14, 2009 Cultural T ranslation of I ndia through Cooking Madhur Jaffreys Quick and Easy Indian Cooking gives the readers an easy and simple way to learn and cook Indian food . She has written this cookbook in a way that it culturally translates India for foreigners or even NRIs (non-resident Indians) who are unfamiliar with Indian cooking . She does this by the very rich in color photographs, the personal blurbs, and the extensive use of references such as the glossary and indexes . As Professor Ghosh states that Madhur Jaffreys Quick and Easy Indian Cooking markets a exotic ethnic cuisine for a cosmopolitan global audience by making it attractive, tasteful, and simple, this would not be possible Sonik 2 without the detailed descriptive with the recipes as well as the authors own personal experiences with almost each dish . From the beginning of the cookbook the text is suggestive about the exoticness of Indian cuisine and how tempting it is . On the inside flap of the front cover, in an exceedingly descriptive tone, the book and its contents are portrayed . The text emphasizes on the easiness of the recipes by being repetitive about how the majority of the recipes can be cooked under 30 minutes . Descriptive adjectives such as tasty, delicious, aromatic, and so on, gives the reader a sense of tasteful cuisine . Even the section Notes on the Recipes, repeats the idea of simplicity and quickness of cooking the recipes from this cookbook . Furthermore, the section states that the ingredients are easily accessible in Indian stores and many supermarkets (Jaffrey, 7) . One of the main purposes, besides serving as a guide to cooking, the text plays the role of the cultural translator by portraying Indian food as delicious with many ingredients and yet easy and simple to make . Jaffreys introduction to the cookbook conveys the culture of Indian cooking even further . The introduction is written from Sonik 3...
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This note was uploaded on 11/17/2009 for the course ENGL 122SA taught by Professor Ghosh during the Winter '09 term at UCSB.

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English Final Paper - Sonik 1 Upasana Sonik English 122SA...

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