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week 4 reading notes

week 4 reading notes - origin and that it coexists with...

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Upasana Sonik Global 110 Lezra TA: Jayne Le Section: thurs 7-750 Week four reading notes : In her article, Rome , DuBois starts by discussing about her trip to a museum in an ancient city which was exhibiting disturbing machines used for torture. In the beginning she is intrigued by the fact that these machines are very disturbing but yet there are many people who have come to look at them, including herself. She compares two parts of Greece’s past; this torturous part and its enlightenment part. Each part has played an important role in shaping today’s culture globally. Furthermore, the article talks about “truth” and how “the belief that truth can be extracted by the use of torture is part of our legacy from the Greeks and therefore, part of our idea of the truth.” She further argues that torture is of Western
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Unformatted text preview: origin and that it coexists with what we hold most dear out of necessity. Towards the end, she states that she wants to figure out what role torture played in the production of the philosophical idea of truth. Related to Class: This article is related to the content of Global 110 because it helps us understand the culture and origin of our belief and idea of the “truth” as well as “torture.” Also this article made me question the torture that has been done by the US in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. I began to think if torture was really a product of Western civilization or it came from Greeks, and their belief that torture comes from the idea of truth....
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