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acczGUIDELINES FOR POLICY BRIEFS REQUIREMENTS: Paper should be 7-10 pages long, double-spaced, in a legible font. You will be evaluated on how well your paper identifies a problem of global significance, evaluates potential solutions to this problem, and argues for the feasible solution that you think best. It must be addressed to an individual representing an organization, government, or corporation. You should present your paper as a representative of an organization. It is strongly suggested that you get the approval of your topic by your TA before you begin working on your paper. Please include at least 4 class sources (from lecture or readings), and at least 4 other sources (which may be from the Internet). You may include other resources, but this is not required (nor will it necessarily result in extra points). You will be graded on grammar, spelling, organization, coherence, etc., as well as on content. Writing quality is important! If you have any doubts about your writing ability, start well in advance and have your TA look over a draft (up to one week prior to the due date, and no later; no exceptions). Also, if you have difficulty writing, consider taking your draft to CLAS for help. GETTING STARTED 1. Choose a topic that interests you. If you don’t care about your topic, it will most likely be reflected in your writing. (Example of a topic 2. : the problem of sweatshop labor in overseas factories used by US firms.) Don’t
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