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Matt Idleman Professor Armentrout English 101, KHS 9:48 March 14, 2008 Problems Blowing in the Wind Our world is in an energy crisis. Our coal and natural gas supplies are running dangerously low, and the world’s ozone is disappearing due to our over-burning of these fossil fuels. Because of these facts, many people are trying to find alternative energy solutions that are renewable and cleaner. One alternative to electricity is wind power. Many wind farms—a group of wind turbines in the same location used for electric power —are being built all over the United States and the World. These wind farms help produce electric power without the greenhouse gas emissions that power plants create while making their electricity. Wind power only produces about 1% of the world’s electricity and 3% of the United States electricity at the present time. However, the number of wind farms has increased five-fold in the last eight years, so that percentage is expected to grow (Wikipedia). Wind farms are built in consistently windy areas, usually on mountaintops or shorelines. The wind turbines often stand up to 300 feet tall and can be seen from miles away. The wind farms are usually built on privately owned land, but some companies have started building on state parks because of a cheaper buy-out. Now that these wind farms are spreading across the United States and the World, approximately 75,000 in all, some controversy has come up on whether the farms are really worth the cost and hassle.
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The majority of American citizens are in favor of installing wind farms. People in environmental groups, government agencies, many scientists, and all the electric companies are supporting the development of wind energy in the United States. The reasons the supporters give are that the wind technology can help reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels, provide high-paying jobs to local communities, and clean up
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!!!!wind farm essay 2 - Matt Idleman Professor Armentrout...

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