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Matt Idleman In today’s lab, the question we were trying to answer was if the system we were testing was perfectly efficient (i.e. will all potential energy be converted into kinetic energy?) My prediction was that the system will indeed be perfectly efficient, because in a closed system PE i = KE f . For our group’s procedure, we first set up the system, including setting the hanging mass on the pulley system, attaching the other end to the cart, and setting up the software to record the velocity. We then found the mass of both the cart and hanging mass and recorded those numbers. Next, we released the hanging mass and recorded the velocity when the mass hit the ground. We then added extra mass to the hanging mass and recorded the new mass, and dropped it again. This step was repeated once more with more mass added to the hanging mass. For the next three trials, our group kept the hanging mass constant while changing the mass of the cart for all three trials and repeating everything else the same as the first three trials. We lastly
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