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physicslab 5 - Matt Idleman In this lab the question we...

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Unformatted text preview: Matt Idleman In this lab, the question we were trying to answer was if µ k depends on the mass or the angle. My prediction was that µ k would depend on the angle and not the mass. This is because in the equation combining F Friction and F net , (mg*sinθ - µ k mg*cosθ)*d = ½mv f 2 – ½mv i 2 , the m’s cancel out. To test this hypothesis, first our group set up a ramp for a block to travel down. We then measured the height and length of the track, and used these numbers to find sinθ and cosθ for the equation. We then found the mass of our block and gave the block a small push down the track while recording the velocity with the motion sensor. Using the motion sensor data, we found the initial velocity, final velocity, and distance the block travelled. For the next two trials, we added more mass to the block, but kept everything else the same. Then for the following three trials, we kept the mass of the block constant while changing the angle of the ramp. After we recorded the necessary data for all six trials, our results were then plugged into the previously...
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