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physicslab 6 - Matt Idleman In this lab the question we...

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Matt Idleman In this lab, the question we were trying to answer was if kinetic energy was conserved after either elastic or inelastic collisions. My prediction was that the kinetic energy in both types of collisions would not be conserved. This is because some energy is lost in different aspects such as the friction between the carts and the track and during the collision through heat. To test this hypothesis, our group first found the mass of and placed one cart at rest between the photogates. We then added 2 weights to the second cart, found the mass, and sent this cart towards the first one, making sure the magnetic sides were facing each other (resembling an elastic collision), and recorded the initial velocity of both carts as well as the final velocity of the first cart with the motion sensor software. We then took one of the weights from the second cart, added it to the first and ran the velocity test again. Removed the remaining weight from the first cart, added it to the second cart and ran the velocity test again. We then
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