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physicslab 7

physicslab 7 - Matt Idleman In todays lab we asked two...

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Matt Idleman In today’s lab we asked two questions. The first was if a spinning disk was attached by a massless string to a hanging mass and the mass was dropped, would the disk spin with constant velocity or accelerate? The second question was that after the hanging mass hit the ground, would the rotational kinetic energy of the spinning disk be equal to the initial potential energy of the hanging mass at the beginning of the experiment? My prediction for the first question was that the spinning disk would accelerate until the hanging mass hit the ground. This is because it is attached to the hanging mass, which is accelerating due to gravity, causing the disk to accelerate at the same rate. My prediction for the second question was that the rotational kinetic energy would be lower than the initial potential energy of the hanging mass. This is because the system is not completely frictionless, which causes some of the energy to be lost during the experiment in the form of heat. If it was a
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