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physicslab 8

physicslab 8 - Matt Idleman In todays lab the question we...

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Matt Idleman In today’s lab, the question we were trying to answer was if angular momentum is conserved in a system. My prediction was that the angular system would indeed be conserved, meaning the angular momentum of this system before the addition of the ring would be equal to the angular momentum of the system after the addition of the ring. I predicted this because angular momentum is known to be conserved in a system as long as there is no external force or external torque acting on the system. For our group’s procedure, we first found the mass of the disk and the ring. We then set up the disk and gave it a spin to get it rotating. While it was rotating we found the angular velocity by finding the time it took for the disk to rotate ten times and plugging it into the formula given to us in class. We then used that information to find the angular momentum of the disk by multiplying the angular velocity by the moment of inertia. Next, we took the ring and gently set it down on the disk while it was still spinning. Again we found the time it took for the
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