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Q1 - M att Idleman American Li t Test Q#1 Many of the...

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Matt Idleman American Lit. Test Q #1 Many of the themes and styles of the Modern Age of America are much different from the other eras of literature. Authors became more daring and more innovative in their approaches to style, and the themes started to take a bolder look at the issues. It was the beginning of a time of change in America in the beginning of the Modern Age, and authors and poets were right on board. In the beginning of the Modern Age, there was a large industrial boom. Many advancements were made in making life easier for humans, and this gave Americans a different outlook on life. No longer were they stuck with their primitive and “old-fashioned” ways, as Americans were heading into the future with big changes. Authors of the time took notice of such a radical change, and made many changes themselves. Many authors began taking a more artistic approach to literature. Gertrude Stein, amongst many others, tried writing in different styles such as in her story The Gentle Lena .
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