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Matt Idleman Amer. Lit. Test Q #3 When I think of poetry, the first thing that comes to mind is a few rhyming verses about flowers or love, because this is the definition of a poem we are given as children. But poetry can be so much more. Modern poets often write poems that, when first glanced upon, make no sense at all. Some great examples of this are Williams and Cummings, who write in a unique, and often considered “artistic,” style of poetry that can barely be considered the same type of literature as what Frost and other more traditional poets write. In the modern era, there are still traditional poets such as Frost, Stevens, and Jeffers which often use styles that are rather predictable for poetry, but they still make them work. Frost rhymes in almost all of his poems, and all three type their poems in a general straight line-after- line format. Stevens and Jeffers do not usually rhyme in their poetry, but they are really traditional in the themes of their poetry. Traditional poetry almost always has a certain subject
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