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Matt Idleman Amer. Lit. Exam #3 Question # 4 To most people, poetry is a small group of sentences that not only tell a story, but usually rhyme or are put together in an artistic way. And for many years, that was exactly what poetry was. However, in our modern era of thinking, these ideals have drastically changed. Today, poetry can be defined as anything written or spoken in an artistic way. In the video we watched in class, there were many different styles of so-called “poetry” displayed. Some poets spoke in a very monotone voice, some yelled, some sang. Every way added an extra meaning to the words that were unnoticed when they were just written on paper. And in most cases, the actual “poems” themselves were very unorthodox. One poem sounded like the author took every “… because…” quote from an Encyclopedia and compiled them together in a way that flowed artistically. Fifty years ago, this probably would not have been
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Unformatted text preview: considered poetry, but today it is an extremely popular piece. Another form of poetry shown in the video was that which was displayed by The Four Horsemen . These four men did nothing but make sounds, some of which looked rather painful, and it is labeled as being artistic. You could tell that they had put a lot of practice and effort into their performance, but the actual act just wasnt working for me. There did not seem to be much rhythm or artistic value, at least to my ears. However, the fact that these men attempted to combine various sounds in an artistic way does follow my new age definition of poetry. This video opened my eyes to a new world of poetry that the outside world rarely ever sees. Yes, it is poetry, in a modern sense of the term. However, it is very different, and it takes an open mind to truly appreciate the thought process of some of these poets....
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