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Matt Idleman Amer. Lit. Exam #3 Question # 7 F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story Babylon Revisited has a very interesting title for a story that has nothing to do with the town of Babylon. Many people tend to overlook the significance of the title, because the story itself is very well written. However, there is major symbolism in this story even before you read the first words. Babylon was the Las Vegas of Biblical times. The city was large, full of rich people, and even more full of sin. The citizens of Babylon worshiped idols and rarely followed any of God’s teachings. Babylon was eventually destroyed in basically an hour’s time, ending the horrible reign that it had on the Middle East region. The main character, Charlie Wales, once lived a crazy life with his wife Helen in Paris. They drank heavily and lived a little on the wild side. But this frivolous lifestyle eventually lead to Charlie’s wife’s death, at least as far as her sister Marion is concerned. Charlie not only loses his wife in this sinful lifestyle, but in the process also loses his daughter’s custody to his sister-
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Unformatted text preview: in-law Marion. Charlie’s Paris experience crashed quickly, much like Babylon. When Charlie comes back to Paris in hopes of retrieving his daughter Honoria, he is forced to “revisit Babylon.” Coming back to Paris, he is haunted by the memories of alcoholism and doing regretful things with his once close friends Lorraine and Duncan. But he must fight of the temptation to return to his sins so he can prove to Marion that he has turned and new leaf and is worthy of his daughter’s custody. Babylon must have appeared to be a very intimidating place to anybody who lived outside of it in its thriving times. To Charlie, after being away from Paris for a few years, his return was full of intimidation. But Charlie, having struggled through so many loses, had matured enough to realize that he need to return to his “Babylon,” just revisit it in hopes to be reunited with his daughter....
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