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Matt Idleman Amer. Lit. Test Q #8 Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken is an amazing piece of literature. The poem itself flows so smoothly from line to line, and the language is almost melodic. But it is how Frost leaves the meaning of the poem to be decided by the reader that makes this poem so memorable. The theme of the first three stanzas of the poem is that the narrator reached a fork in his life’s path, and he had to choose between two routes. After surveying the beginning of both paths, and eventually decided on the road that had obviously not been travelled as much. It is the final stanza that is often questioned, however. The narrator states that he is telling this story “with a sigh.” He then continues on to say that the path he chose that day made
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Unformatted text preview: all the difference in his life, but it is impossible to interpret a mood in the last couple of lines. One can only hope that the narrator has come out successful because he chose the road less travelled, but then why did he sigh? Perhaps he wishes he could go back the that fateful day and choose the more travelled path, because sighs are often considered to be a sign of slight depression. The great thing is, the final answer is left up to the reader, because Frost himself isn’t giving out any answers anytime soon. I really like this poem, because just by adding one word, a simple sigh, he has made readers ponder the true meaning for many, many years....
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