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Unformatted text preview: Matt Idleman Amer. Lit. Test Q #9 Modern poetry is unlike anything else in literature. Very often it does not even make sense, but yet it is loved by many. Before modern poetry, words were only put on paper to make sentences that, when added together with other sentences, told a story to the reader. But pioneers such as William Carlos Williams changed all of that for good. He looked at his poems as a work of art, much like a painting, and this is why he is the vanguard of modern poetry. Many poetry readers, me included, would say that Williams’ poem The Red Wheelbarrow is the best example of what modern poetry is all about. When you first read this poem, your brain does not know what to think, because there truly is no point at all to it. Then you will try and try to interpret what Williams was saying, but nothing will ever come to you. This is exactly what Williams wanted, I believe. He typed a small collection of words onto a piece of paper in what he believed to be an artistic way, and allowed his readers to decide just...
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