The Killer Inside Me

The Killer Inside Me - The Killer Inside Me By Jim Thompson...

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The Killer Inside Me By Jim Thompson The setting of this novel is Central City, Texas. It’s a rather small, innocent town, where the houses in town are spread far enough apart that neighbors are not easily disturbed, but they are close enough that everybody knows about everybody else’s affairs. It is not a very wealthy town, but one very wealthy man lives there—Chester Conway. Conway owns a large construction company, and has become the most powerful man in the area. The main character is this novel is Lou Ford, a greatly respected sheriff deputy who has been a citizen of Central City his whole life. He comes across as the kind of guy that would never hurt a fly, always does what he is told, and just enjoys keeping his town in good running order. He lives alone in his father’s house, and only has long-term girlfriend (Amy Stanton) with which their relationship is kept rather secretive. When first entering this novel, the protagonist, Lou, appears to be a pretty likeable guy, but it is quickly realized that something is quite amiss with his mind. Lou’s father was the town doctor for many years before he passed away. He hired a maid to take care of the house, and watch Lou and his adopted brother Mike Dean while their father was off on his rounds. At some time during Lou’s alone time with the maid, the maid had forced Lou to have sex with her, and his father found out about this. Wanting to both punish his son and keep him under control, Lou’s father castrated him after the incident with the maid. This was the trigger for Lou’s “sickness.” To Lou, the maid was not just a woman, but she was “women” in general because she had taken his virginity at such an innocent age. And because of her, he lost a large part of his life. Due to this, Lou had to get revenge on all women.
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The Killer Inside Me - The Killer Inside Me By Jim Thompson...

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