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wind energy essay 2

wind energy essay 2 - Natural gas and coal will be...

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Natural gas and coal will be completely gone in 70 years. Our country, and our world, needs to develop alternative energy solutions--very soon. One possible alternative to electricity produced from power plants that burn fossil fuels is wind energy. Wind energy is made by a wind turbine simply by converting the wind's kinetic energy into mechanical power that is stored in generators. That power can then be converted into electricity. Five-megawatt turbines, which are the largest being made, can produce 15 million kilowatts per year. That is enough electricity to power 1,400 households. Many electric companies are looking to greatly reduce the amount of fossil fuel they burn, so they are developing wind farms, or a long line of 20 or more wind turbines connected to the same power grid. These wind farms are being built all over the country, mainly on mountaintops and shorelines. Although wind power only produces about 3% of the nation's energy, electric companies plan to continue constructing wind farms all over the country, and hope that wind energy can one day replace power plants. However, not everyone is happy with the idea of wind energy. Many environmental groups and government agencies have started fighting the development of wind farms. They believe that wind energy can never replace the burning of fossil fuels, and all the wind farms do is destroy the aesthetics of our country. These people are also worried about the safety of the turbines, for both animals and humans. As more and more of these wind farms begin being constructed, more emergency community meetings are being held with citizens greatly concerned about these giant, white beasts quietly rotating in their backyards.
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