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Matt Idleman Professor Armentrout English 101, KHS 9:48 December 15, 2007 The Keyser Krazies Not everyone is athletic enough to make the varsity basketball team, but most people still want to be a part of the team. Since it is too hard to be a coach, and a team only needs one waterboy, the rest of us need some way to get into the action. At Keyser High School, there is a club called the Keyser Krazies that supports all the sports teams through the winter and spring months. People join the Krazies to be a part of a recognizable organization, to have a chance to hang out and socialize with their friends, to share their love for sports, and to help out the athletic program. Colleges and Universities around the nation have athletic support organizations that are well known for their support during games, such as the Mountaineer Maniacs at WVU and the Cameron Crazies at Duke University. The popularity of the college organizations have sparked similar clubs in many high schools as well. These organizations are looked up to by both adults and younger fans in the community alike. The adults love them because of their unity and school spirit, while the children like the craziness and the funny chants the clubs come up with.
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!another english paper! - 1 Matt Idleman Professor...

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