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Matt Idleman Professor Armentrout English 101, KHS 9:48 November 14, 2007 A Big Transition Between Schools Going from middle school to high school, every student will expect a few changes. However, the small, secluded school of Elk Garden Middle and the crowded institution of Keyser High School are as different in comparison as night and day. The average day of school from morning to the final bell is drastically different between EGPMS and KHS. Every morning from fifth through eighth grade, I would arrive at Elk Garden Primary- Middle School at 7:40 by Bus 69 and follow the crowd through the library doors, down the blue and white hall, and into the gymnasium until the 8:00 bell. While in the gym, every student had to sit on the bleachers and pass the time by talking to friends. Now, most mornings I drive to school in my 2001 Honda Civic and arrive in spot 130 in the parking lot at around 7:45. I then follow the crowd throw the gymnasium doors and find an open spot somewhere along the hallway wall to lean on until the 8:00 bell. I still pass the time by chatting with friends. After the 8:00 bell at Elk Garden, I would then go to my first of four teachers. Every year the entire middle school had the same six teachers—one for math, one for English, one for science and social studies, and three for resource classes. The only time we saw a new teacher was when another left, which happened often because the daily travel up the long, windy
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!english paper 2! - Matt Idleman Professor Armentrout...

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