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Matt Idleman Professor Armentrout English 101, KHS 9:48 September 28, 2007 Not Quite the Happiest Place on Earth When the average person thinks of Disney World, they usually think of fun rides, life- size Disney characters, and giggling little children. But there can be a very annoying and irritating side to the so-called “most magical place on Earth” that many people do not know about… but I do. On an extremely humid spring morning in Orlando, Florida, the Keyser High School band was embarking on the first day of their 2006 band trip. On this day the band, with me in attendance, was to tour the Magic Kingdom theme park. After seventeen grueling hours on a charter bus, we were all ready for some relaxing fun. The roughly-100 band members split up into groups of three or four close friends, and everyone went on their way. I decided to spend my day of potential excitement with my one band friend that was not planning on wasting his day with a group of female band members (which was about 80% of the band) who would spend too much of their time souvenir shopping. He was drummer Brandon Shaw. The two of us, after first locating a park map, set off for the most thrilling rides in any theme park—the roller coasters. But, on arrival to the nearest one, we realized that the lines for the coasters were well in excess of two hours long, which would be another way to waste our
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!english paper! - 1 Matt Idleman Professor Armentrout...

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