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Matt Idleman Article Summaries Pre-AP Chem. (Block 1) 10/3/06 TITLE: “How Do Whales and Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning?” MAGAZINE: Scientific American Online AUTHOR: Bruce Hecker DATE: N/A (Last edition) Whales and dolphins are mammals that spend their whole life in the sea, so how can they sleep and not drown? There has been research done on this topic and scientists have discovered that whales and dolphins sleep two ways: resting quietly in the water or while swimming slowly with another animal. Also individual dolphins can enter a deeper sleep in which they resemble a log floating on the water. Mother whales and dolphins can sleep while moving so their offspring can sleep safely in the slipstream behind them because newborn whales and dolphins cannot float for several weeks. Adult male marine mammals usually swim slowly in pairs when they sleep, while the females and newborns travel in large pods.
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