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Matt Idleman Article Summaries 11/27/06 TITLE: “Fever: Eight burning questions” MAGAZINE: Consumer Reports onHealth AUTHOR: N/A DATE: November 2004 edition Most people think that when they get sick with a fever the best way to get rid of it is to get rid of the fever, but actually that could make the sickness last longer. Fever is actually one of your body’s defense mechanisms to get rid of the illness. There are actually many misconceptions about fevers that many people believe. The first is that normal body temperature is exactly 98.6 degrees F. Actually, a person’s body temperature changes over the course of a normal day from as low as 96 degrees to as high as 100.8 degrees. There are many variables to determining a person’s body temperature, and it doesn’t have to be 98.6 for the person to be healthy. Another common fever myth is that toughing the skin is a reliable way to tell if someone has a fever. Actually, a study in 2003 showed that 60% of children whose head felt hot to their parents had no fever at all. All experts agree that the only reliable way to
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