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anthropology assignment 1 - A Bali B Biocultural C...

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A . Bali B . Biocultural C. Biological Anthropology D. Orinoco E. Emic F . Ethnography G. Ethnology H . Etic I . Holistic emphasis J. Rabbit-Proof Fence K. Missionary Barker L. Nomad Station M. Dani N. Subculture O . Kalahari P . Hinduism Q . Yanomamo R. Kogwanay S . Hemba T . Sarawak U . !Kung V . Tswana W . Latah X. Kwa Kwaka’ Wakw Y . Rerebawä Z. Ainu AA. Genetic condition BB. Kramo CC. Mr. Ando DD. Bedamini Remember that a letter from the choices can be used only once. 1. G- Ethnology : A cross-cultural study 2. I- Holistic Emphasis : Characteristic that most distinguishes anthropology from other sciences 3. l or r : Papua New Guinea 4. a : Indonesia 5. B- Biocultural : Learned behavior is built upon a biological base 6. N- Subculture : Shared cultural ideas and behaviors that are embedded within a larger, more general culture 7. 7- Entrée to Bisaasi-teri 8. C- Biological Anthropology : Study of humans which examines human fossils, disease, nutrition, health, the skeleton and physical characteristics 9. M- Dani : Enemies of Gebusi 10. d : Location of an interfluvial tribe 11. v : Governing body impacting Nisa and others People who did not exist. 13 Y- Rerebawa: Friend of Chagnon 14. X- Kwa Kwaka’ Wakw : Box of Treasures 15. : Dead birds and piglets. Cont. page 2…
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Essay 1. We are learning about Karl Heider’s fieldwork among the Dani and Theodore Bestor’s fieldwork among the Japanese. What are the similarities and differences between the two research settings? What special challenges does each researcher have? Do you think that one setting will produce more accurate information than the other? (15 points) Both Heider and Bestor are studying the culture of two small groups and both got to know the people they were studying very well. But their studying style and the challenges they both met with couldn’t be more different. Heider studied the Dani; they are remote in New Guinea and have not had much of any contact with any influences outside their own tribes. They grew and evolved on their own without much interruption and so it made Heider’s job a little bit easier when tracing back their lineage. For Bestor, however, this task would be much more difficult because he did study a small group, but this was a neighborhood in a very urban, a very populated Tokyo, Japan. The neighborhood stood out to Bestor because the people who lived here was much into tradition (making and preserving). Bestor’s study was difficult in that he got a lot of different people from a very complex society in which a lot of different traditions from different parts of Japan could have been melded into this neighborhood. Japan is modern, and modernization is a very difficult subject to really understand and explain
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anthropology assignment 1 - A Bali B Biocultural C...

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