Midterm - Name Date Midterm Exam MAT109DL SUBMIT COMPLETED...

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Name Midterm Exam MAT109DL Date SUBMIT COMPLETED TESTS VIA WEBCT EMAIL - NOT THE DISCUSSION ROOM. Please make sure your name is on the document you attach, and include your initials in the name of the document, e.g., PKmidterm.doc. Thank you. 1) a)A report states 65% of 200 randomly sampled NSCC students love statistics. Do you think the report is an example of descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Explain your reasoning. This is a set of methods to describe data that is collected so we can call this as a descriptive statistics. b) Explain the meaning and purpose of conducting an experiment as a double-blind experiment. c)A scientist plans to use either an observational study or a designed experiment using human subjects to test the effects of lead in drinking water. Identify one reason for using: i ) an observational study. ii ) a designed experiment. d) A researcher gives a pre-test and a post-test to subjects to assess the effectiveness of boxing as a method of lowering stress. Identify the treatments, the response variable and the type of experimental design. 2) a) i ) Explain the meaning of a sampling error, and explain why sampling error occurs.   Sampling error results from using sampling to estimate information concerning  a population.  Occurs due to only a subset of the population is surveyed and  sample gives incomplete information about the population. ii ) Explain the meaning of non-sampling error, and identify two possible sources (of non- sampling error). Non-sampling errors result from the survey process. It can happen due to nonresponsive survey takers, inaccurate responses, poorly worded questions, and reporting or coding of data. b) A school has fifteen classes with 30 students in each class. The students are divided into three mutually exclusive groups, zebras, tigers and giraffes. There are 120 zebras, 180 tigers, and the remaining 150 students are giraffes. The principal wishes to survey 90 of the students. i
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This note was uploaded on 11/21/2009 for the course MATH 109 taught by Professor Kurose during the Spring '09 term at Nashville State Community College.

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Midterm - Name Date Midterm Exam MAT109DL SUBMIT COMPLETED...

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