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age score Name Quiz #1MAT109 Date 1) a) Give an example of making an inference about a population based on a sample. Clearly identify the sample and the population in your example. Let’s say the owner of a car dealer wants to know how satisfied his customers are with the pricing when they purchase their cars from his business. He hires an interviewer to talk to the buyers that bought cars during a big blow out sale. He sold 20 cars that day and he concluded that 95% of his customers were very happy about the pricing. To measure the reliability of the results we need to find the answers for the following. The population consists of all customers. The sample includes 20 customers. The sample is made up of just the 20 customers that purchased their cars during a sale. The sample does not represent the population. Customers that bought car during a sale tend to be more interested in getting a deal so, the sample may perform at a higher level than the population. b) A report states 95% of the fish in Lake Michigan have unsafe toxin levels. Do you think the report is an example of descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Explain your reasoning. Inferential statistics because it won’t be able to test every single fish in a lake. 2) a) Is hair color a quantitative or a qualitative variable. Explain your reasoning. Qualitative variable because hair color does not have numerical value, it is simply categories. b) Is population a discrete or a continuous variable? Explain your reasoning. Population is a discrete variable because we can count the population. 3) a) What does it mean to say an experiment is conducted as a double-blind experiment? When a double-blind experiment is conducted the individuals and the researchers do not know who are with the control group and who are with the experimental group. b) What is the purpose of conducting the experiment as a double blind experiment? The purpose is to get rid of subjective bias on the part of both experimental subjects and the experimenters. 4) a) Identify a benefit of conducting a designed experiment over an observational study. The benefit of conducting a designed experiment over an observational study that the result is more convincing due to a treatment is being applied to the individual and the researcher has greater control over variables. b) Identify a benefit of conducting an observational study over a designed experiment. Observational studies are more controlled experiments an they are also easier and cheaper. They are very useful for finding out the relationship between two variables. The researchers only claim causation in observational studies. 5)
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FINALPROJECT - Name Date 1) a) age 2) scor e Quiz #1MAT109...

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